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OpenOffice Recovery Software Repair corrupt, damaged .ODG files.

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Draw ODG Recovery

Kernel for OpenOffice Draw Recovery is a tool developed to repair .ODG files created with OpenOffice Draw software.

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.ODG files which hold images, text, word art, various designs and styles, might get corrupt due to heavy file size, and corruptions due to virus attacks, media errors, file errors. Such corruptions make the file inaccessible for its user. To access data and to work on the file again, the corrupt file needs to be repaired and data recovered. To perform these important operations, Kernel for Draw proves useful and valuable data recovery software in such tough times.

OpenOffice Draw Recovery Features: ODG Recovery

Draw ODG recovery is perfect solution for your data recovery needs. Repair the file and recover data from it after which software creates a new .odg file with recovered data. Free evaluation version of the software performs all functions but also has restrictions: Words like 'demo' and 'demo restriction' will be displayed instead of original text and images. Any three images from the document will be recovered.